Leon d’Apice’s Journey of Recovery And Transition Back To Work

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Leon d’Apice’s journey to recovery over the past year has been a story of resilience and determination and for those around him inspiration.


As many of you may recall, Leon was hospitalised in February 2022 after an accident on his mountain bike and since this time has been recovering in a rehabilitation hospital in Sydney.


The Ebix team is happy to confirm, last week Leon transferred from full-time rehab, back to the comfort and surroundings of his home where he will continue the recovery process.


Despite his accident, Leon’s dedication to his rehabilitation has been unwavering and although there have been some challenges, he remained focused on his work, and between rehab sessions, it was business as usual when time permitted.


As the saying goes ‘you can never keep a good person down’ which could not be truer for Leon even if his injuries have resulted in the use of a wheelchair.


Whilst Leon is not currently attending the office every day we are looking forward to seeing him in the office again soon. In the meantime, he is establishing a normal routine that will allow him the time and freedom to contribute remotely on a normal basis.


From all the team at Ebix, we wish him all the best as he continues to make progress on his journey to recovery.

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