A comprehensive, powerful end to end e-commerce business solution incorporating standards,

software products and services designed to address all aspects of the broker-insurer relationship.


iClose is the result of an analysis of current available facilities and market requirements as well as research into available technology and standards. iClose is an evolving solution set that expands as market requirements change.

Based on a peer to peer messaging architecture, iClose incorporates a series of modules and interfaces that can be implemented individually or in any combination to fill gaps in the e-commerce arena. It provides a secure, cost effective e-commerce platform that complements existing market facilities such as Sunrise Exchange and Sunrise Online Quoting.


Modular in design, iClose provides a complete set of facilities to address all aspects of the insurer / broker relationship.


iClose: iClose is a comprehensive, end to end e-commerce business solution.


eBusiness Portal: Transact electronically with iClose or Sunrise Exchange using this standalone solution.


iClose Placements: Simplifies the quote and bind phases for negotiated risk classes and compliments existing broking system quotation facilities.


iClose WebPortal: a powerful new transaction processing facility that reduces the effort and cost of developing e-commerce insurance products.


The range of iClose solutions address the quote cycle, full life cycle policy processing, claims management and accounting. iClose components can be implemented individually to address specific requirements or as part of a fully integrated business solution.


The flexible architecture of iClose will support an expanding range of iClose solutions as the need arises.


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