The unrivalled software platform for the Life Insurance industry that is revolutionising the way business is done today.


Australia's leading provider of an end-to-end SaaS Life Insurance solution that supports product manufacture, distribution and administration, Ebix has delivered a seamless cloud-based integration linking front and back office functions in to one platform.

The award winning OneOffice is a complete end to end solution that incorporates all sales, administrative, reporting and management functions resulting in unprecedented flexibility and control over your business – true straight through processing for Life Insurance.


With its modern digital architecture and Microsoft technology stack, OneOffice provides a comprehensive web-based solution supporting secure real-time access by advisers, clients and re-insurers to their data in a reliable and cost effective manner that is highly configurable and can be implemented to support a wide range of products.


This can be assessed based on the extensive and varied OneOffice installed base that dominates the local market.


Working in partnership with our clients Ebix offers expertise and innovation specific to the ever changing requirements of each customer allowing you the flexibility to run your business the way you choose in an ever changing market.


These integrated service offerings are available through specialist modules for life insurance and life insurance funded superannuation.


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OneOffice Modular Structure


Front office

Back Office

Quote Engine

Adviser Portal

Policy Enquiry

Product Configuration

Servicing Portal

Policy maintenance


Call Centre Portal



Customer Self-Servicing Portal



New Business

Client Correspondence


Additional Business

Finance/ General ledger


Auto Underwriting



Mobile/ Tablet/ Web

Data Warehouse


CRM Integration

Batch Processing


Comparator Integration

Platform Billing

How does support and maintenance work for OneOffice? Every OneOffice is client is provided with a menu of support and maintenance options which can be chosen individually or blended to give the client complete peace of mind and compliance with any regulatory and operational regime. What pricing options are available to purchase OneOffice? From traditional license to “click” rates to metric-based pricing, is able to tailor a pricing plan aimed at meeting business needs for a flexible and cost effective system deployment, operation and support. Can OneOffice work with other systems used by an organisation?

Given its heritage and install base, OneOffice, is able to work alongside any system to fulfil the business need for enterprise wide transparency, operation and reporting. Do “legacy systems” have to be replaced before OneOffice can be deployed? OneOffice is able to be deployed module-by-module and can operate alongside legacy systems giving the business the capability to “turn off” legacy systems at the time of their choosing.
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