Ebix welcomes Hutch Underwriting to Sunrise Exchange®

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Ebix Australia has collaborated with the Australian insurance industry to develop products and services that assist and support insurance brokers and their businesses.


Ebix Sunrise Exchange® currently has 15 suppliers, and 90+ active products available, with over 770 Brokers presently connected.


Hutch has launched an innovative, new residential Strata insurance policy today that in addition to the usual property and liability covers, for the first time offers body corporates protection from the wave of cybercrime impacting Australia.

Hutch’s CEO, Robin Johnson, explained “The Australian Cyber Security Centre estimates cybercrime cost Australia $33bn annually, and strata corporations are unfortunately in that small and micro-segment that lost the most money to scams last year.”

Melodi Emadi, Strata Underwriting Manager for Hutch added that “as well as being the first to market with a cyber offering for residential strata, we’re also proud to be the only strata product that offers brokers the convenience of Ebix Sunrise Exchange®.”

When using Ebix Sunrise Exchange®, intermediaries and underwriters achieve significant transaction processing cost reductions, reduce administrative processes through systems integration from insurer to intermediary, and reduce the risk of human error.

Ebix Sunrise Exchange® is designed with insurers and underwriters in mind, offering a secure, flexible and high-performance environment that allows suppliers to offer an array of digital insurance services to their clients.

The platform has a focus on real-time authorisation and the quick submission of quotes, policies, referrals, endorsements and renewals. A fully integrated trade functionality allows for managing all policies, including personal lines.


To read Hutch Underwriting’s Press Release on InsuranceNews, please click here.

To find out more about Hutch Underwriting’s new residential Strata insurance policy, please click here.



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