WinBEAT Training

Customised Online Web Conferencing via Webex

The preferred online conferencing platform for thousands of users worldwide, WebEx allows participants the flexibility of one on one training with the added convenience of not leaving their workplace or home office whilst still providing an engaging learning environment.


WebEx combines desktop sharing through your web browser with video and phone conferencing, so attendees enjoy a highly dynamic and flexible learning experience whilst the WinBEAT trainer leads you through the course content in real-time.


WinBEAT training is conducted over multiple sessions, each session running for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to maximise user engagement.


Designed to be completely interactive, Users will process using an Ebix training database on their keyboard and mouse at their desk, all whilst under the guidance and direction of the trainer.


All courses can be tailored to a specific need, so please complete the below form, describing what your training requirements are and one of our WinBEAT instructors will be in contact.


Customised Classroom Training (Currently Not Available Due To COVID-19)


Consists of customised training held at offsite training venues.  Attendees benefit from a group-based learning environment with the convenience of training multiple employees at the same time.


  • Instructor-led
  • Group-based
  • Customisable for your business requirement


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