Sunrise Exchange ®

The insurance industry’s benchmark electronic transaction solution, streamlining communications and transactions between insurers and intermediaries.


Sunrise Exchange ® is the insurance industry's revolutionary electronic service enabling insurers and intermediaries to transact in real time over a broad and expanding range of insurance products and services.

Sunrise Exchange® has been designed to streamline all of the transactions across underwriters you work with.


Sunrise Exchange ® reduces administrative processes through systems integration from insurer to intermediary. Freeing up staff allows them to be redeployed in more productive roles, potentially generating more revenue and improving customer service in your business.


By doing business via Sunrise Exchange ®, intermediaries and underwriters achieve significant transaction processing cost reductions. The information is processed once and updated to both the insurer and the intermediary’s back office systems, eliminating multiple handling and reducing possible data entry errors.


Automatic management of renewals and significantly faster turnaround times on policies helps you to process more business, more efficiently Sunrise Exchange® is the industry platform that connects intermediaries systems with insurance underwriting applications. It allows insurance professionals to process quotes, submit and respond to new business, make enquiries, endorse and renew policies, complete cancellations and lapses across home, motor, commercial, trade and most other general insurance products.


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