Ebix Australia Unaffected by Ebix Inc. US Chapter 11 Arrangement

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We wanted to reach out to provide clarity and reassurance regarding recent developments within Ebix Inc. US which has raised questions and concerns among our valued partners and clients.


By now, you might have heard about the financial pressures surrounding Ebix Inc.’s debt refinancing and the delayed IPO launch in India, which have led the company to opt for a Chapter 11 arrangement for Ebix Inc. in the United States. However, we want to emphasise that these developments have no direct impact on Ebix Australia.


Ebix Australia stands as an independent, profitable entity, along with our other regional subsidiaries, operating unaffected by the proceedings in the United States. The anticipated outcome of the Chapter 11 arrangement is the sale of certain US business units, a move aimed at significantly reducing the US debt level and allowing the company to continue its operations, which have thrived for over 30 years.


Importantly, these changes will not affect our operations here in Australia. We want to assure you that for Ebix Australia, it is business as usual.


Our commitment remains unwavering in providing excellent services to our clients. We are taking proactive steps to inform our clients and the market about these developments. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your Ebix contact or reach out to us directly via our website.


For further details, the full press release regarding Ebix Inc. US’s Chapter 11 arrangement can be accessed on the Ebix US website.


We deeply value the trust you place in us and want to reaffirm our dedication to maintaining our strong presence and unwavering service in Australia.


Thank you for your continued support and confidence in Ebix Australia.


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