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eBeat May 2019 - The WinBEAT Newsletter Featured

Friday, 10 May 2019 11:50

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May 2019

New Release WinBEAT4.22

The new WinBEAT release is now available to all WinBEAT sites across Australia.
This release includes the “Premium Comparison” facility, required for some NSW property risks from 1 July 2019.

New features include: new release winbeat 4.2.22

  • Premium Comparison Table – showing the previous and current year premiums can be added to the policy schedule with a single click.
  • Convert Sunrise Quote to a Renewal – allows users to obtain Sunrise quotes and then use the selected quote to ‘renew’ or ‘transfer renew’ an existing Sunrise policy.
  • Account Manager FSG version – an Account Manager may now have their own FSG version automatically recorded for their clients.
  • IQumulate Funding – updated branding and URLs for IQumulate Funding (previously Macquarie Pacific).
  • Security enhancements – new alert email to go to a specified Administrator email address when Client, Underwriter, Associate or Funder bank account details are changed.
  • New fields for Email Templates – we have made more fields available for use in WinBEAT Email Templates for both Invoice and Claims related forms.

Reports Enhancements:

  • Associate commission will now be displayed on the Renewals Pending Summary and Detailed reports.
  • Additional details are now included in the Activity log report when bank account details are changed.

For full details of all the enhancements you can review the WinBEAT4.2.22 Release Notes which are available via HELP in WinBEAT.


EOFY finances calculation whiteWinBEAT End of Financial Year Checklist
“That” time of year is coming around again so we have updated our WinBEAT End of Financial Year Checklist in WinBEAT HELP. Novices and experienced users will benefit from using the Checklist which provides a comprehensive pre-close guide as to what reports should be reviewed and clean-ups completed. It then steps the user through the actual Close Financial Year process in WinBEAT to make sure all reports are completed and the actual close of year is done correctly.


WinBEAT End of Financial Year Group WebEx Info SessionsEOFY webex
We have once again had a great response to our scheduled End of Financial Year Group WebEx Information Sessions, so much so that we have scheduled additional sessions. This session is designed to take your accounting person or WinBEAT System Administrator through the pre-close clean-up activities and reports that should be checked well prior to close off, as well as the actual Close Month procedure and any post close clean-up activities that assist with keeping your WinBEAT ledgers clean and tidy.

The sessions are 1.5 hours (0.5 training credit) and attract 1.5 CIP points. There are a few spaces left in our final session on Friday 14th June and you can easily review the course outline and book online here.


winbeat training scheduleWinBEAT Training June – November 2019
We have now scheduled WinBEAT training courses through to the end of the year. These courses have been offered based on feedback from our recent customer survey however if your business has specific training needs please contact Kathy Vlahopoulos, our Training Services Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The updated course schedule and course outlines can be found on the Ebix website, and it is fast and easy to book your training online.

Simply visit the course outline page of choice and click Book in the schedule table on the right, or access the Training Schedule and click Book next to your chosen course to complete the online booking form.
Our scheduled training courses are CIP rated for 6 points and our Webex standard training courses are CIP rated for 3 points. Attendees receive a comprehensive training manual and Certificate of Completion.

What our attendees are saying:

“One of the best courses I have ever attended in the sense of quality of presentation and knowledge / training skills…”

“It’s my first exposure to WinBEAT so it gave me a good overview / foundation of what WinBEAT is all about…”

“Getting ready for EoFY close off, ie: what reports to check, reiterated what I knew already but opened up a few new things I could do better…”

“One of the best facilitators I have ever worked with…”

Don’t forget you may have training credits to use for your WinBEAT training requirements. You can simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out if you have any credits available. If you would prefer customised on-site consulting please contact our Training Services Manager, Kathy Vlahopoulos to discuss your requirements - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


WinBEAT NEXT Progress Report EBIX0038 WinbeatNext Logo
WinBEAT NEXT is progressing well and our development team has welcomed two new members over the last 6 months. The team are working hard to make sure that you will have an easy transition from WinBEAT to WinBEAT NEXT.

Each WinBEAT site will have to complete a ‘Migration’ process to move existing data across to the new WinBEAT NEXT database structure. This migration will be executed by the WinBEAT team and, like any data migration process, we will need to schedule this carefully to suit the 400+ companies that use WinBEAT to run their broking business.

Later in the year the WinBEAT team will be presenting a series of workshops across the country to provide an in-depth look at WinBEAT NEXT and to explain how the migration process will work and how we can customise that process for your business.

We will contact your WinBEAT System Administrator directly once the workshops have been scheduled to advise dates and locations. For our more remote customers we will run the workshop as a Webinar so no-one will miss out on this opportunity to understand how their business will move to WinBEAT NEXT.

WinBEAT NEXT Screenshot



OPG PayPal UpdateEbix OPG Update now available with PayPal
Ebix OPG is used by many of our brokers to make the payment process accessible and simple for their customers and to streamline receipting for their business. Research shows that online payments continue to grow in Australia with over 14.5 million Australians using a digital payment solution in the last year, many using the service to pay bills. Ebix OPG offers an easy and affordable way for your business to offer online payment options to your clients and meet today's changing expectations around payments.

Ebix OPG now offers an option for your clients to use PayPal as well as the more common credit and debit card options. PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods with 41% of Australians having used it at least once in the past 12 months, according to Roy Morgan market research.

Learn more on how Ebix OPG can work for your business here.

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