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Ebix Quarterly eNews Jul-Sep 2017

Thursday, 26 October 2017 09:33

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July - September 2017

This edition of the Ebix eNews looks into the current state of cloud storage and where it is heading. We also introduce DART, a new reporting tool released for eGlobal and Ebix Evolution users. As well we have an article on how to make the most of CBS Archiving, plus more.

Read on for more Ebix news and updates...

 Did you know? - CBS Archiving

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Did you know the average CBS database has been in use since the year 2000? Did you know that CBS has the ability to remove or archive 'old and complete' records and store it in a separate CBS database from that of the production database? 

Archiving of old CBS data is required from time to time to reduce the size of the data files. This in turn will improve performance both from a general access and a reporting perspective.

The archive process identifies clients that have cancelled or lapsed covers, all closed claims and no outstanding invoices and removes the entire client and all their records from the production database for inquiry and report purposes only. The process will only remove clients in full, for example, when one cover is still active or the client has an outstanding claim, the whole client will remain in the production database.

Sample Analysis

  • 30 User CBS Database
  • 1st Invoice issued May 2000
  • CBS Archive procedure has identified 6,000 clients with no active covers/claims/accounts using a cut off date of 30/06/2013 i.e. 4 years
  • CBS Database reduced by estimated 5% - larger archives have achieved a 10% reduction in overall file sizes

For this sample:

  • 5% of the main policy file reduced
  • 5% of the statement history file (shdfile.idx) reduced = 77,085 records archived
  • 5% of the current Coverage Summary file (iwcfile.idx) reduced = 496,816 records archived

Once the initial CBS Archiving task has been completed, this process will only need to be run periodically as an annual maintenance task.

Where you are planning an upgrade of your server or split/merge with another database an archive should also be considered in preparation.

Ebix can provide an Archive Report outlining potential archive accounts, timing and recommendations for a fee of $165.00 plus GST. Please contact Ebix Support for further details on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02 8467 3000.


Ebix DART Released 

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A new flexible and functionally rich Data Analysis and Reporting Tool (DART) has been released for Ebix Evolution and eGlobal. DART is an end user reporting tool that supports the creation of comprehensive reports and dashboard analysis, along with drill down capabilities for detailed analysis.
DART is fully integrated with Ebix Evolution and eGlobal Security. Using the User Security profiles of these systems means that reports can be developed and deployed throughout the business with confidence that access to data will be restricted to the security profiles established in the business applications.
Navigating through a database schema can be a difficult task, DART has been designed to allow complex database schemas to be simplified into a DART Schema for data analysis. DART Schemas are created by combining data from various database tables into a single data analysis schema thereby allowing people with limited technical knowledge to develop dashboard analysis tools and reports.
The results from a DART query can be published to a dashboard view, printed as a report or exported to Microsoft Excel. DART can also be used to create Dashboard graphs for the Ebix Evolution dashboard.
To make an enquiry about Ebix DART, please contact the support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 8467 3000.


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It seems more objects than not are connected to the internet. Whether it's computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, or less expected items such as household appliances, toys, cars, and drones; with an internet connection comes the opportunity to save information to what is commonly referred to as 'the cloud'. But with so many internet-connected-things, surely the cloud is going to run out of space at some point! Just how much information can we store before the entire cloud eco system collapses? ...read more on our blog


 Access Point Available to CBS Users


If you're a CBS user, you may have come across Ebix Access Point when downloading CBS New Releases. In addition to providing program updates, Ebix Access Point also contains a full set of updated CBS Reference Guides. These Reference Guides are maintained and revised on a regular basis. A login and password is required and these are both changed on a regular basis. Please get in contact with Ebix Support for the current login details by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 02 8467 3000.

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