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Ebix Quarterly eNews Apr-Jun 2017

Monday, 10 July 2017 13:13

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April - June 2017

If you can believe it, 2017 is already half over. We hope everyone has had a smooth End of Financial Year and can now celebrate another year done. Although many of the Ebix staff wish they could hibernate from this cold weather, they certainly have not been resting. The CBS team have been rather busy, introducing Hosting Services, developing coloured fonts, and putting together a list of CBS tips for you to make the most out of the program. We've also been looking at the best way to implement a CRM and the common mistakes to avoid. Read on for more Ebix news and updates...

 Have you Discovered the Power of Cloud? Ebix is Now Offering Hosting Services to CBS Users

unlock the cloud enews

Increasingly there has been requests from our clients to provide hosting capabilities. Thanks to a recent upgrade of Ebix's entire infrastructure we are pleased to advise that we can now respond to the demand for hosting services. If you're considering moving Ebix CBS Broking System to a hosted service, talk to us. We can even help with hosting your entire network as well...read more here


How to Make a CRM Work for Your Business - Common CRM Implementation Failures to Avoid 

crm blogpost

CRM's are a complex software that can deliver what many refer to as a '360 degree view' of their customers. Unfortunately, some firms view CRM systems as a Customer Relationship strategy in itself rather than a tool for facilitating successful Customer Relationship strategies. We've put together a list of the most common CRM failures, as well as solutions that can take this sophisticated software to its full potential...Read more here

Did you Know? CBS Archiving 

CBS Archiving

Did you know the average CBS database has been in use since 2000? Did you know that CBS has the ability to remove or archive 'old and complete' records and store it in a separate CBS database from that of the production CBS database?
Archiving of old CBS data is required from time to time to reduce the size of the data files. This in turn will improve performance both from a general access and a reporting perspective.
The archive process identifies clients that have cancelled or lapsed covers, all closed claims and no outstanding debtors and removes the entire client and all of their records from the production database. This is then imported into a seperate database for inquiry and report purposes only. The process will only remove clients in full, for example, where one cover is still active or the client has an outstanding claim, the whole client will remain in the production database.

Here is a Sample Analysis 

  • 30 User CBS Database
  • 1st Invoice issued May 2000
  • CBS Archive procedure has identified 6,000 clients with no active covers/claims/accounts using a cut off date of 30/06/2013
  • CBS Database reduced by estimated 5% - larger archives have achieved a 10% reduction in overall file sizes
  • There are 212 CBS idx files
    For this example
    • 5% of the main policy file (plyfile.idx) = 22,000 records
    • 5% of the statement history file (shdfile.idx) = 77,085 records
    • 5% of the current Coverage Summary file (iwcfile.idx) = 496,816

Once the initial set(s) of CBS Archiving is completed, this process will only need to be run once per year as an annual maintenance task.

Where you are planning an upgrade of your server or split/merge with another database an archive should also be considered in the lead up to this.

Ebix can provide an Archive Report providing potential archive counts, timings and recommendations for the cost of $165.00 plus GST. Please contact Ebix Support for further details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WinBEAT4.2 New Releasenew release winbeat

The WinBEAT4.2 Release included some exciting changes and enhancements for our brokers, the most important being the new Background Funding module.

WinBEAT4.2 Background Funding allows brokers to automatically add a funding option to some or all invoices and statements without the need to go via the premium funding interface.

The invoice remittance example below shows the funding 'instalments' with a link to the funder's website for your client to complete the funding contract and supply their credit card or direct debit details.

Your clients can select to pay the invoice direct to you in the normal way or they can click on the URL into a browser, to premium fund their outstanding premium.


Background Funding is activated on a class basis and may be optional or automatic at the time of processing and invoice.

The Background Funding Module is now available for the following Funders:

  • Premium Funding Pty Ltd
  • Attvest Finance
  • CentrePoint Alliance Premium Funding - now BOQ
  • Elantis Premium Funding
  • Hunter Premium Funding
  • Macquarie Pacific Funding
  • Principal Finance Pty Ltd
  • QPR Premium Funding

Other WinBEAT4.2 enhancements include:

A new Invoice Reverse enhancement that lets you add standard wordings to the reverse of your invoice and duplex print the invoice. This enhancement is designed to work with duplex printers.

New Sub-associate functionality has been introduced. This enhancement allows brokers to pay sub associates where their Associate apportions part of their income to a referrer or other party and they want you as the broker to pay their Sub-associate on their behalf.

Enquiry has a new function to copy a policy number, making it easier for users who need to work in multiple systems or documents. It allows the user to right click in the Policy Enquiry grid and Copy the policy number, which can then be pasted into multiple locations such as a Word document, email or spreadsheet.

There are a number of other enhancements that are detailed in the WinBEAT4.2 What's New document - available for download here.


 Coloured Fonts Now Available in CBS

CBS coloured fonts

CBS can now apply any colour to any of your existing fonts for all forms produced from CBS, Web Access, CBS Mobile and CBS CSS. Ebix have created a standard set of 7 colours in addition to black and can even match any colours currently used in your corporate logo. 

In this example we are using the standard red and have created an 8th colour using the blue from our own Ebix logo. 

As these are fonts (not logos), the Web only functionality cannot apply. If added to the form the coloured font will print on documents direct from CBS and appear in the PDF versions on all platforms. A colour printer is required, otherwise the document will be printed in grayscale only.

The creation of a new colour is $200.00 plus GST and installation costs. The installation of the new colour and/or the standard set of 7 coloured fonts along with some minor instruction for use can be arranged at our standard support costs and should take less than an hour (where form maintenance training is not required). Where form maintenance is required this is also chargeable at our standard consulting rates.

If you are interested in obtaining coloured fonts for your CBS produced documents, please contact Ebix Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 8467 3000.  


 Access Point Available to CBS Users


You may have come across Ebix Access Point when downloading CBS New Releases. In addition to providing program updates, Ebix Access point also contains a full set of updated CBS Reference Guides. These Reference Guides are maintained and revised on a regular basis. Be sure to access them often. A login and password are required, which are changed on a regular basis for security reasons. Please contact Ebix Support for the most current login details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 8467 3000.

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