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Ebix Quarterly eNews Jan - Mar 2017

Friday, 31 March 2017 10:12

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January - March 2017

2017 is well underway, and the team at Ebix have already accomplished a great deal. The time has been flying by while we have been working hard on a new WinBEAT4.2 release, completed with the new Background Funding module, as well as WinBEAT Policy Integration with Ebix SmartOffice CRM. In other news, Ebix Australia's COO Simon Agar has been spending a lot of time in London recently, assisting with Ebix market-changing single Exchange Platform implementation. Read below for more on the most recent news and updates from Ebix. 


Ebix Single Insurance Exchange Implementation to Serve the Entire London Market a Sucess

londonEbix has been working with a representative group formed by London's insurance industry's associations over the last year to deploy a single insurance Exchange across the entire London insurance marketplace. The software, which is known as Placing Platform Limited (PPL), facilitates electronic placement of insurance, while capturing and processing risks electronically, for both online or traditional face-to-face transactions. This platform will save significant costs across the sector due to its centralised service, economies of scale, reduction in data entry and acceleration in some functions by up to 30 days. It will also improve the efficiency and attactiveness of the London market thanks to its up-to-date technology.

Ebix CEO Robin Raina said at the time of signing the agreement,

"It is the first time in the world that a single Exchange platform is being deployed to facilitate electronic placement of insurance across a market comprised of all the consituents. That it is done by the largest insurance marketplace in the world - London - makes this a particularly significant event in the global insurance market".

We are pleased to report business placed via the PPL increases steadily and classes continue to be made available on the platform including Marine which was released in March. A total number of 2,376 risks bound, 1,529 quote requests sent and just under 4,000 endorsements agreed, was reported just last month.

Ebix Australia's COO Simon Agar has been spending a lot of time working on the project with frequent visits to London;

"PPL goes from strength to strength, with a publicised market rollout which may increase to over 10,000 users from the current 4,000 before the end of the year. Ebix and the PPL team have worked extremely hard to ensure that the Platform is continuing to meet market requirements, provides scalability and with a future focus on integration", he said.

Ebix are working through a roadmap that will ensure that PPL is the single service for placing business in the London Market, enabling brokers and insurers to quote, negotiate and bind business electronically.

More information at http://isupport.london/initiatives/placing-platform-limited/ 



How Not to do Digital in a Business Environmenttype-string-use-tin-can-telephone 9aac6f56279057ce

It's fair to say that many companies are feeling the pressure to have a digital presence, but technology is moving at such a rapid pace. There are so many trends and products vying for attention, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and overlook the end goal. the fundamental problem with not applying a well thought-out digital strategy is that it can often do more harm than good...

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StockSnap 3OEXFDXO6K smallPRESS RELEASE: Background Funding Available in WinBEAT4.2 New Release

Ebix is pleased to announce that the latest enhancement to the widely used Premium Funding Interface. The Pay Monthly module, often referred to as Background Funding, is now available for WinBEAT and CBS and will be available later in the year for eGlobal and Ebix Evolution...

Read the full press release here...



Top Technology Trends for 2017

StockSnap DEQF28Z7U9

2017 is looking to be another big year in technology. However rather than any big new inventions taking centre stage, this year will focus on improving existing technology such as machine learning, mobility, virtual reality, IOT and automated finance. Some of the more farfetched tech products will be given the chance to refine their concept and become more functional, increasing their adoption in everyday use...



SmartOffice WinBEAT integrationWinBEAT Policy Integration Now Available in SmartOffice CRM

The long-awaited WinBEAT Policy Integration with Ebix SmartOffice CRM is finally here. This integration allows clients' insurance policies to be entered, tracked and reported on. It provides visibility into all types of policies and lets the broker view policy information globally or by individual client. It also means that alerts can be set up to notify you when a policy needs to be renewed.

Learn more about Ebix SmartOffice CRM features.


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