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On-demand Insurance Solutions

Sunrise Exchange Interface

Manage quotes and policies more efficiently with Ebix's Sunrise Exchange - The insurance industry's benchmark electronic transaction solution.

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iClose Interface

The iClose platform allows insurance intermediaries and underwriters to transact together, securely in real time around a vast range of insurance products and services. iClose has been designed to streamline all of the transactions across the underwriters you work with. 

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Sunrise Online Quoting Interface

Sunrise Online Quoting enables intermediaries to receive real-time home and motor quotes, with features and benefits, from multiple insurers without re-keying information.

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Ebix Online Payment Gateway (OPG)

The Ebix OPG gives you the opportunity to let your clients pay by credit card via your own web site. Your customers will access a Payments page on your web site and enter the client and invoice details that are printed on their invoice. The OPG will interrogate your WinBEAT database to extract the balance owing for this invoice and display this outstanding balance on the payment page. Your client then enters credit card details for payment of the invoice or statement amount, the payment is processed by the payment gateway service provider and a file is sent to you to upload into your broking system to receipt those policies.

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Macquarie Premium Payments

Macquarie Bank and Ebix have developed the Macquarie Premium Payments (MPP) module which is designed to automate Receipting, Payments and Bank Reconciliation from within your office enabling the reduction of manual processing and eliminating user error. MPP integrates with facilities already available through Macquarie's online banking platform Active Banking to provide a comprehensive banking solution.

NAB Transact

Offering an innovative approach and created in partnership with NAB, the Ebix NAB Transact Banking Module is a fully integrated banking solution.

The facilities included in the module are designed to provide significant back office efficiencies by reducing current manual processes and eliminating errors.

Premium Funding Interface

The WinBEAT Premium Funding Interface enables you to nominate a client, and select one or more invoices for a funding quotation. This information is then transferred automatically into the premium funder's quoting software, and a quotation can be produced in a matter of seconds.

Available only by application to your participating premium funder. On acceptance, funder will contact us to activate the option.

Automated Banking Interface

Incorporating the ability to accept incoming bank files for BPay transactions to your trust account and create outgoing data files to advise your bank to make payments from your trust account (.ABA files).

Qlik Business Intelligence

Discover deeper insights by connecting to our guided analytics tool which provides a flexible, business-ready reporting solution. Connected directly to your WinBEAT ledgers Ebix's Qlik Sense solution allows you a seamless overview of sales and income by Account Manager and Associate for multiple ledgers.

SmartOffice Interface

SmartOffice is a CRM developed by Ebix specifically to meet the marketing and sales needs of insurance professionals. It is easily integrated with any Ebix broking system thanks to EIS (Enterprise Integration Service). EIS is a web service that sits in between SmartOffice and your broking system. Its purpose is to transmit client, prospect and policy information between SmartOffice and your broking system in real time to eliminate the need of managing two separate Silo's of information. Given that Ebix broking systems are very much transaction focused, and SmartOffice CRM is very much client/prospect focused, the two programs very much complement each other. The EIS enables these two systems that already work well as standalone solutions to work together exceptionally, delivering a whole new level of productivity and client satisfaction to your business.

Document Management Interface

There are numerous Document Management System (DMS) suppliers in the market offering sophisticated and innovative solutions to the scanning, filing, retrieving and viewing of your documentation in an orderly fashion.

The Ebix Document Management Interface (DMI) is a standard XML interface between WinBEAT and a third party DMS. It is intended to allow the broker to efficiently transfer data and documents from WinBEAT to the DMS installed on their system.

WinBEAT eLink

Import external client and policy data in XML format into WinBEAT.

Specific purpose external applications such as web sites can now be used to record client and policy information which is passed to the WinBEAT transaction engine and processed as if the transaction had been entered via a conventional WinBEAT data entry screen. eLink performs transaction validations, creates accounting records and updates the database. Front end applications can include iClose Custom Web Applications, external web sites, HTML pages created on your intranet or third party in-house developed applications.

Ebix can also assist with development of your front-end application using our iClose Custom Web Application toolset.

WinBEAT Export Interface

Allows you to export single or multiple policy details and merge the client and policy details into a Microsoft Word template. 

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