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Who's Who on the Helpdesk

Josephine Yoshawirja

Customer Support Manager

Josephine is the WinBEAT Support Manager and she has worked with the WinBEAT team for over eleven years. Josephine has a background in software development and user interface design. Josephine's strong background in WinBEAT coding and design is an asset on our Support team and her experience with the more technical aspects of our software provide a solid background for supporting all our clients.

Kathy Vlahopoulos

Training Services Manager

Kathy is an engaging learning practitioner offering over 15 years’ experience within Business Services and Learning and Development arenas, spanning across corporate, local and state government, education and not for profit environments. She brings with her a wealth of experience in planning, developing, facilitating, and evaluating training programs. As well, Kathy has a passion for building enthusiasm for learning, breaking down silos and improving workplace cultures. She achieves this through her collaborative consultation processes, careful planning and well-executed programs, creating productive and competent workforces.

Carmel Benfold

Customer Support & Training

Carmel has been with us since 1999 and is responsible for general support issues that come through to our Helpdesk. Carmel is one of our Trainers and writes several of our Training Manuals and User Reference Guides. Carmel is our Overseas Underwriting and GST specialist and provides considerable expertise in all aspects of WinBEAT accounting. Carmel has a Certificate 4 in Training and Assesment.

Corinne Lingaya

Customer Support & Training

Corinne has been with us since January 2002 and has a strong insurance background. Corinne provides Helpdesk support and manages all the WinBEAT WebEx training. Corinne also looks after special projects such as WinBEAT ledger splits and merges and conversions from other broking systems.

Tonia Colliver

Customer Support & Training

Tonia joined our team in 2007. Tonia has many years experience in General Insurance and brings a sound knowledge of broking operations to our team. Tonia completed her Certificate 4 in Training and Assesment and works in product support as well as providing WebEx and Classroom training where her understanding of broking processes is beneficial to all our clients.

Angela Roach & Cathy Rea

Reception & Training Admin.

Angela and Cathy are our first point of contact for your telephone and email support queries and will log your support request into our issue tracking system. Angela and Cathy can also assist with your WinBEAT training enquiries and bookings.

Katharine Cooper

Customer & Technical Support

Katharine has a strong helpdesk background and provides both general and technical support. Katharine has a Bachelor of Business (Information Systems) and has completed her Tier One Insurance Broking Compliance Certificate. Katharine is responsible for technical support issues that come to the Helpdesk as well as managing many of our User and Technical documents.

Ashleigh Matthews

Customer Support Consultant

Ashleigh has been a member of the WinBEAT team for more than 5 years in the role of Sunrise and iClose Support. Ashleigh worked previously in customer facing roles and has a strong customer focus. She has a Diploma of Management and has worked in a number of roles where database skills were required. Ashleigh is involved in solving Sunrise amd iClose support issues and working on special projects such as splits and merges.

Rohit Kumar

Customer and Technical Support

Rohit is our technical and product support expert and joined the WinBEAT team in 2013. Rohit works on installation issues and the web wervice installations that are required for Ebix OPG, SmartOffice, Qlik Sense and winbeatnow integration. Rohit provides support for general network, printing and other technical issues as well as WinBEAT queries.

Brendan Leon

Customer Support

Brendan is a recent addition to the WinBEAT Support team and is very experienced in customer support. Brendan has a strong customer focus and enjoys the problem solving aspects of WinBEAT support.

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