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Support Policy

What is the policy?

It is our stated policy, as outlined in the WinBEAT Software and Support Agreement, that we will only provide support for ?trained? WinBEAT users. Some of our customers have rightly queried this policy. We would like to assure you that there are valid reasons for the introduction of this policy and we have issued this document to outline these reasons to you.

What is the basis for this policy?

After a decade or more of call statistics, there was clear evidence of a growing trend towards ?training? type calls. As customers employed new staff and replaced existing staff, these employees were not being provided with formal training services in the use of our product. Over time, our statistics revealed an alarming escalation in ?training? type calls which resulted in a gradual deterioration in our response times as our support desk attempted to deal with callers who had clearly not been trained in the basic functionality of our product.

What was the result of that trend?

As a consequence, customers with genuine queries began to experience unacceptable delays in our response times whilst we attempted to deal with mostly lengthy calls by these untrained users. This is despite doubling our support personnel in that time, whilst over that same period the number of customers in fact decreased. In other words, users who did not attend training courses were in effect being subsidised by those using who were doing the right thing and organising their staff to be trained in the use of the product. I am sure you will agree that this did not represent the interests of the majority. It would have been irresponsible for Ebix not to address this issue in our WinBEAT Software and Support Agreement.

How was the issue dealt with?

With the introduction of WinBEAT, it became clear that a new strategy was required to halt the free call help desk becoming a de facto training service. Our options were as follows:

  • Increase support staff and therefore support rates to incorporate a training service component in the help desk support, or
  • Maintain support rates and incorporate one free scheduled training course in the WinBEAT rates thus allowing us to restrict help desk support to users who had attended a formal training course.

The first option was considered inappropriate for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would not be fair to penalise those customers who had a staff training policy in place. Secondly, it was not cost effective to provide comprehensive training services via the telephone which would tie up our support staff and telephone lines for hours on end, and thus significantly delay our response to the genuine operational queries.

We opted for the second option, and now run national training courses at professional training venues in each state. Furthermore, we included in the WinBEAT rates one free training course for one person per annum.

Is this policy working?

Our statistics reveal that service levels are improving year by year. Furthermore, this strategy has enabled us to maintain the WinBEAT rates at very competitive levels. Our Helpdesk system enables us to prioritise and track all calls via specified categories to completion for filing in a single database. The system also automatically identifies callers who are trained users.

What about some flexibility?

We understand circumstances may from time to time demand some flexibility by prior mutual consent. For instance, where no training course is available in your area for some time, we are happy for you to advise us in writing your alternate contact person whom we will temporarily add into our database, with the understanding that they will attend the next scheduled course in your area.

We trust this gives you some insight into our WinBEAT support policy and that this policy is a result of a conscious business decision to improve our service to our intermediary customers.

Training Courses

We offer a range of Training courses beginning with our Introduction to WinBEAT, and followed by a range of Intermediate and Advanced courses. These courses all qualify for 6 CIP points. 

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