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Sunrise Templates

Increase office efficiency with professionally styled invoices for Sunrise
  • Overview

    Sunrise Templates convert unformatted Sunrise Exchange insurer text into uniform, well presented intermediary invoices, processing them through your Ebix broking system. The end result is a professional financial document that your client can understand clearly. The formatted and branded document will convey your business as proficient and approachable. Sunrise Templates also increases ease and efficiency around some of insurance brokers’ everyday processes, saving on time and costs.

  • Reduce Risk and Improve Accuracy

    By reducing manual intervention, your company’s exposure to professional indemnity claims and client confusion is decreased. Whether you’re emailing, printing or storing client invoices, have peace of mind knowing that the data within and exported from your broker systems and templates are accurate and compliant.

  • Streamline Integration

    Sunrise Templates complement your broking system templates. Streamlined integration allows Sunrise Exchange and your broking system to work together, gathering the relevant information to create professional looking documents. Manual input is further reduced and accuracy is also increased.

  • Optional Customisation

    There are currently 25 standard Sunrise Templates designed around insurer’s branding. However, should you wish to promote your own business’ brand and identity, Ebix offers the choice of creating a customised Template. Please contact the Ebix office for more information on this available option.

  • Maintain Consistency

    Sunrise Templates provides uniformity across all insurer products due to their consistent design, formatted branding, and removing the need for manual input on document creation.

  • Enhance Productivity

    Eliminate a significant amount of manual data entry with Sunrise Templates. Any details stored within your Ebix broking system are passed through to Sunrise Templates. Additionally, any changes made by insurers to their products are automatically updated within Sunrise Templates. Sunrise Templates is an efficient solution that will allow your employees to focus on other tasks.


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