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    Why is a Sunrise Exchange Insurer not showing in Sunrise Online Quoting?

    Insurers on Sunrise Online Quoting must be participating insurers on Sunrise Exchange. However, there is no obligation on Sunrise Exchange insurers to make their products available to Sunrise Online Quoting.

    An insurer that I would like to use for a quote is available on Sunrise Online Quoting, but I am not able to obtain a quote from them?

    To obtain a quote from an insurer through Sunrise Online Quoting you must first have an agency with the insurer and have access to process business with that insurer on Sunrise Exchange.

    What if an insurer I want to receive a quote from isn't on Sunrise Online Quoting?

    You will need to obtain a quote from this insurer in your usual fashion.

    Can I save and receive quotes on Sunrise Online Quoting?

    Yes, quotes can be saved and recalled for up to 18 Months. However, after 30 days a quote becomes expired and must be edited and recalculated before it can be converted to either a quote or new business.


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