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The Ultimate CRM Solution

Purposely built for financial services professionals, take your sales and marketing to the next level with SmartOffice.


Smarter Sales, Smarter Marketing, Smarter Contact Management, and Smarter Integration. SmartOffce - CRM for financial services professionals.

Proven and Trusted

125,000 users world-wide. Developed with insurance industry professionals, SmartOffice is fully geared for the specific needs of the insurance industry.


SmartOffice CRM offers easy to use solutions to address the challenges of customer relationship management, insurance policy tracking and client service to help you build and maintain profitable relationships with your clients.

Developed with Finciancial Services Professionals

Geared for the specific needs of the insurance industry.
  • Overview

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a valuable technology for any business. By performing as a central hub for detailed client information it has the ability to streamline communication between your business and its clients, delivering outstanding customer experiences that result in business growth.

    Used by 125,000 insurance professionals across the globe, SmartOffice is the CRM of choice for the insurance industry. Developed by Ebix, Australia's leading insurance software provider, SmartOffice is a CRM that specifically meets the sales and marketing needs of insurance professionals.

    Sitting seamlessly within any insurance business due to its integration with Ebix broking software and Microsoft Office, SmartOffice is a web-based CRM, so it can be used anytime, anywhere and implemented almost instantly.

    Its unique set of features help your business stand out from the crowd by creating a customer-centric environment. This is achieved by establishing profound customer relationships by managing sales pipelines and marketing campaigns; gaining customer and business insight by creating dynamic reports; and keeping on top of repeat business and deadlines by tracking policies and documents.
    Find out why SmartOffice is the CRM solution chosen by the insurance industry worldwide.

    For more information on SmartOffice's capabilities, see the list of features or contact the SmartOffice team.


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