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  • Manage Sales Pipelines

    Prospects and clients can be managed successfully through sales pipelines using the SmartOpportunity module in SmartOffice. It allows you establish workflows and processes for your sales team to follow scrupulously. As a result, required actions are made by the sales team at the appropriate stages through the sales process and clients receive a consistently great experience. It is even possible to attach documents to a stage in the process, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Email Marketing and Email Integration

    Create entire marketing campaigns through SmartOffice CRM software. Create lists of contacts based on specific attributes such as geographic location, business type or insurance policy type, and use this as your target audience for your next direct mail, email, or telemarketing campaign. 

    Branded emails and letters can be generated and sent within SmartOffice thanks to its integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Marketing emails and letters can be sent to an individual or to as many contacts as you like. Track the success of marketing campaigns by using the reporting feature and make future marketing decisions based on real data.

  • Real-Time Dynamic Reporting

    Real-time dynamic reports are easily created in SmartOffice. Its reporting capabilities are almost infinite. If the data has been entered into SmartOffice then you can create a report on it. Such reports could include sales activity, marketing campaigns, or upcoming insurance policy renewals, just to name a few. By gaining deeper insight into the sales cycle, brokers and managers can gain an understanding of where to focus their attention. To simplify the reporting process, reports run in SmartOffice can be exported into an Excel file.

  • Insurance Policy Tracking

    Clients' insurance policies can be entered, tracked and reported on. It provides visibility into all types of policies and lets you view policy information globally or by individual client. Be alerted when a policy needs to be renewed, or create a report that identifies additional policy opportunities.

  • Ebix Broking Systems and Microsoft Office Integration

    Technological flow can be established with Ebix SmartOffice CRM. It integrates with Ebix broking systems, Ebix OneOffice life insurance platform and Microsoft Office. Therefore SmartOffice can easily be implemented into any insurance business.

    Through integration with Microsoft Outlook, users have the option of saving outgoing and incoming e-mails to each client's account, providing a complete communication history. Data is effortlessly imported using excel. Branded email templates are designed within Word and saved to SmartOffice for sending to individuals or entire marketing lists.

  • Web Based CRM

    There are many benefits to a web-based CRM. Web-based software requires no installation and can be used straight away. Software updates and maintenance are looked after by the software supplier (Ebix). Technical issues can be seen to in a matter of minutes instead of days. If your business is increasing, as it should be with a good CRM in place, upgrading the software is simple and cost effective. Not to mention the convenience of being able to access your CRM from anywhere at any time. Traditional on-premise CRMs in comparison can be significantly more expensive and inflexible.


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