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  • Payment Gateway

    Online Payment Gateway provides freedom of choice when it comes to selecting which financial institution to process your transactions. Provided that your preferred financial institution can meet the basic Online Payment Gateway e-commerce communications requirements then it can be supported.

    Most banks as well as a large number of independent payment gateway providers support the e-commerce facilities offered by Online Payment Gateway.

    These financial institutions offer support for payments by major credit cards. You can choose the most appropriate financial institution for your transaction volumes and one that offers services and fees to match your specific requirements.

  • Payment Details

    Eliminating manual receipting reduces back office costs and allows staff to utilise time more productively.

  • Options

    These features are included in the new release of OPG:
    • Paypal available for a payment option
    • Optional client access to Premium Funding (with Broker's participating funder)
    • Optional email payment confirmation with your branding
    • The OPG is now broken down into individual steps or pages
    • The addition of an OPGView which allows you a summary of the log files for each payment and whether they were approved or declined and for what reason
    • Option for part payment of invoices
    • A minimum and maximum payment amount for part payments
    • The option to include an email confirmation process i.e. confirm the email by entering it a second time
    • Default an invoice prefix in the invoice reference field
    • The option to validate that the invoice prefix (the first character of the invoice number) is entered correctly
    • The option to validate the length of the invoice number entered into the OPG
    • The responsive design means it fits in and resizes with smartphones and tablet devices better
    • Option to implement to your website as iframe or new window
    • Your choice of popular credit cards
    • Your choice of credit card surcharge (by card type)
    • Option of applying a surcharge for certain spend amounts
    • Optional invoice and/or transactional payments
    • Option to dispay Thawte SSL Certificate image and link for additional peace of mind for your clients


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