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  • Hosting Services

    More and more businesses are looking at Cloud options as a means to streamline operations, reduce capital expenditure and increase operational efficiencies. Ebix is pleased to announce a Cloud like hosting solution for OneOffice.

    Ebix can host your OneOffice environment in a secure Tier III data centre on hardware owned and managed by Ebix.

    There are many reasons why businesses are increasingly deciding to invest in Cloud solutions, including increased value and savings, enterprise level security and better protection in case of a disaster.

    The key advantage of moving OneOffice to an Ebix managed environment is that Ebix takeover responsibility for backups, upgrades, disaster recovery, and security.

  • Hosting Architecture

    The hosted environment uses virtual servers within a shared infrastructure, providing services to optimise performance and ensure a highly redundant solution to each party of the hosting service.

    Ebix performs ongoing maintenance to the Hosting Platform, which may include adjustments to technical resources including CPU usage, memory, real time load balancing and other key performance measures in order to address any serious degradation to the production Service Levels.

    As a Customer’s requirements change, the services can be reviewed, and adjustments implemented as required.

  • Service Levels

    As part of the hosted solution, Ebix provide a network and technical support staff providing an ‘on call’ service. Ongoing Software Configuration Management of the services is performed, ensuring currency of layered software versions to ensure manufacturers support is retained.

    Each month a report is provided detailing the performance of the platform.

  • Service Security

    Ebix ensures that the hosted environment is secured, including physical access to the Data Centre, firewalls to limit access via Hosting Platform ports, Ebix application level security and intruder detection.

    Penetration testing is also performed to confirm the security of the environments on an ongoing basis.


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