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The company:

NEOS Life - a newly launched Life Insurance firm offering an innovative and unique alternative.

The challenge:

Implement the most up to date version of OneOffice in .NET and provide NEOS Life with a complete turnkey solution, including hosting and data synchronisation; all within 9 months, in time for their launch date.

FS Products:

  • Adviser Portal
  • Sales administration
  • Tele-underwriting
  • Integrated underwriting engine
  • Commissions processing
  • Reinsurance reporting
  • CRM and data warehouse integration


  • Ebix OneOffice 11
  • Ebix SmartOffice Pro CRM
  • Ebix Hosting

Number of users:

  • Small but growing

Sales channels:

  • Insurance Advisers

The solution:

The Ebix OneOffice team were able to achieve implementation in nine months; an incredible accomplishment by industry standrads. The solution implemented for NEOS Life comprised of an Adviser portal, sales administration including tele-underwriting, integrated underwriting engine, commissions processing, reinsurance reporting and CRM and data warehouse integration.

Data is synchronised between Ebix OneOffice, Ebix SmartOffice CRM and NEOS Life's data warehouse; all of which is being hosted by Ebix, making it a complete turnkey solution.

Ebix OneOffice will be adding Policy Amendment processing to the adviser portal options, as well as support for Superannuation Rollover payments. This will create straight-through processing for fully  underwritten increases and decreases in benefits and premiums.

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