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Custom Web Apps  /  Features

  • Toolset

    Our Custom Web Development Toolset reduces both time and effort to produce professional looking, functional e-commerce web pages that can be incorporated into your existing website. The Toolset includes the following:

    • Data entry screen design
    • A rating engine
    • Production of client documentation
    • Online payment facilities
    • Upload of trasnactional data into your Ebix broking system
  • Insurance Products

    A wide range of insurance requirements can be catered for using the toolset, from simple single risk products through to complex multi risk package policies.

    Web pages are created using iDesign a powerful, fully graphic web screen development environment that eliminates the need for programming staff to create and manage e-commerce insurance products.

    Complimenting iDesign is eRate a flexible, rules based rating engine for calculating premiums on a wide range of insurance products.

    Combined, these modules create function rich e-commerce web pages in a fraction of the time that conventional methods require.

  • Customisation

    Web pages developed using the Custom Web Apps toolset can be customised to include company logos, colour schemes and fonts to ensure that your standards are reflected in these e-commerce pages.

  • Online Payments

    Integrating online payment capabilities with the e-commerce web pages completes the client online experience by allowing clients to pay for the policy at the time the transaction is processed.

    Our Online Payment Gateway can also be added as a general option on your website that ensures clients visit your website more often.

    Our Online Payment Gateway makes it easy for clients to pay for all of their policies, whether processed through an e-commerce product or a standard transaction, online in a fully secured environment.

    Our Online Payment Gateway also manages payment verification by checking that transaction details are correct before the transaction is approved for payment.

  • Policy Processing

    Completing the process is the upload of the finalised policy transactions into your Ebix broking system. The transaction will appear as if it had been manually entered by your staff. All standard broking system functionality is supported including the ability to endorse or renew the policy.

    Uploading e-commerce transactions in this way allows your Ebix broking system to remain the sole repository for both policy and accounting information. Invoices and other documentation are generated from within the broking system while insurer settlements and reports all include these imported transactions.

    Payment files received from your bank or other credit card provider also automatically upload into your broking system negating the need for manual receipting.

    Websites using web pages developed by the Custom Web Apps toolset significantly reduce back-office processing. There is no processing on your part.


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