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CBS Tech Specs

This document describes the technical architecture of Ebix CBS and provides deployment options. Ebix CBS an Open Systems standard application, which can be implemented in a wide range of hardware and operating system environments. CBS and supported additional modules are however optimised for a UNIX or Linux system environment.

Server Specifications

CBS can be implemented under any UNIX or Linux version supported by a Liant RM COBOL Runtime licence. This licence is a mandatory third party requirement for CBS. Liant provide runtimes for most versions of UNIX including SCO UNIX, HP UX, AIX and Sun Solaris as well as Linux.

Server processor and disk capacity requirements are determined on actual transaction volumes, masterfile size and growth potential. The following outlines a sample configuration for a medium size CBS installation:

  • Current Generation Intel Xeon fileserver
  • 4 to 8Gb RAM
  • Approx. 100GB High Speed Disk Storage
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 10/100 Network Interface Card
  • Tape Back-up Drive
  • UPS Power Protection
  • Unix or Linux Operating System
  • Back-up Software

The database server will be the critical component of the network, server planning should include a review of reliability factors such as RAID disk technology, tape back-up strategy, power protection and disaster contingency planning.

Each user session, both full user and inquiry only licences, requires a UNIX/Linux licence and an RM COBOL Runtime licence. In addition tasks such as print queues and background jobs all require a licence.


CBS is requires PC workstations with suitable terminal emulation software. There are a large number of PC terminal emulation products available. HotVT is the recommended option and a mandatory requirement for support of Sunrise Exchange.


All printers to be used for CBS processing should be PCL compatible laser printers. Printers can be configured with multiple printer bins to increase paper handling flexibility.

Printing functionality of documentation within the application depends on the operating system environment. Options include UNIX/Linux print classes, print groups and direct printing.

CBS WebAccess

CBS Web Access is designed to use the standard web server features included in most UNIX/Linux versions in a secured intranet environment. In most cases Web Access can be implemented without necessitating additional expenditure for a dedicated web server.

The CBS application must be hosted in a UNIX/Linux environment additionally configured with Apache Web Server. The latter is included in most popular versions of UNIX and Linux.

Client workstations should be configured with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 (or higher).

Displaying client statements and reports requires a PCL to PDF converter, both Ebix supplied and third party alternatives are available. This software is not included with CBS Web Access and is subject to additional software licence fees.

Remote Offices

The recommended approach for remote connectivity is UNIX/Linux telnet or a terminal server style connection.

EDI Requirements

Ebix CBS provides support for Sunrise Exchange, Premium Funding and other EDI interfaces for more information contact your local Ebix Support office.

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