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Disaster Recovery Service

Designed to address business continuity requirements for brokers and underwriting agencies, Ebix has introduced a CBS Disaster Recovery Service.

In the event of a disaster, alternate remote processing facilities can be brought online and accessed over an Internet connection to provide core data processing facilities.

CBS Automated Program Update Service

Ebix is pleased to offer a timely service to install CBS program updates as these are released. Regular program updates include new processing options, enhancements to existing functionality and bug fixes for both CBS and CBS Web Access. 

Program updates are normally distributed by email, allowing you to test enhancements before putting these into production. This Service allows for the automatic installation of program updates eliminating manual update procedures, ensuring your CBS program are consistantly up-to-date.

CBS System Review

Any major software implementation should be periodically reviewed; Ebix can assist with reviewing your specific implementation of CBS. This involves an on-site review of your internal procedures and processes in and around the CBS application.

The objective is an operational review identifying options in use within the system, system status and effectiveness. The review will include discussions with key staff to gauge how the system is being used and level of system knowledge.

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