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Customer Self Service

In an increasing Internet aware world many clients expect flexibility when dealing with financial institutions. Insurance has lagged behind banks and other financial institutions in the use of web technology. Ebix Customer Self Service (CSS) websites change this.

Ebix has developed web solutions for some of the world's leading insurance organisations. Now utilising the latest available technologies, Customer Self Service delivers a powerful, functional web tool to add value to your website and product offerings.

Using Web Service technology Ebix can provide your clients with selected policy, claims and accounting information without exposing your CBS database or compromising security.

Ebix Customer Self Service creates a one-way information feed from your CBS database to your website. Like retrieving your bank balance or mobile phone account details online, Ebix Customer Self Service allows your clients to view their own policy details, check the status of a claim or view their own account information.

Functionality can be extended to provide options for clients to actively manage aspects of their insurances and reduce the associated administration costs. Importantly, you decide what Ebix Customer Self Service provides to your clients.

CBS WebAccess

A new era in information access and client management has arrived with CBS WebAccess. CBS WebAccess allows you to retrieve specific information from your CBS database online, over the internet through your web browser.

CBS WebAccess opens new doors for information distribution and client management within your organisation, also complimenting the native processing facilities of your CBS system. It is ideal for management, non processing staff and inquiry users.

Current Functionality:

  • Client Inquiry and Update
  • Client Statements
  • Detailed Policy Inquiry
  • Claims Inquiry and Update
  • Sub Agent Inquiry
  • Third Party Broker Inquiry
  • Premium Detail Inquiry
  • Insurer on Cover Inquiry
  • Coverage Summary Inquiry
  • Fee Invoice Inquiry
  • Client Contact Inquiry
  • Access and Update Client Notes
  • Diary Inquiry and Update
  • Document Reprint Options
  • Client Contact Search
  • Management Reports

CBS Express

Designed to streamline policy processing for a variety of transactions, CBS Express enhances standard policy processing options by reducing data entry functions. CBS Express is particularly relevant for processing schemes and policy transactions requiring entry of common or repetitive information.

CBS Express significantly reduces the number of steps in cover recording, increase processing efficiencies and reducing the processing cost per transaction.

CBS eBordereaux

Ideal for Underwriting Agencies and Brokers with facilities that require regular bordereaux reporting.

Automating the extraction of relevant client and policy data from your CBS system, the eBordereaux module eliminates tedious manual processes typically involved in bordereaux preparation.

eBroker for CBS

CBS eBroker is a comprehensive processing solution for brokers working closely with an underwriting agency. It is designed to overcome the doubling handling of policies, accounting and claims functions in a broker/underwriting agency environment.

Eliminating the need for policies, accounting and optionally claims transactions to be processed in both databases CBS eBroker automatically transfers transaction details from one database to the other. eBroker offers processing efficiencies and reduces the possibility of errors.

CBS Data Extract

The CBS Data Extract module has been developed to replace earlier export options. This module exports masterfile, policy, claims and accounting data from a CBS database based on a range of runtime selection criteria.

Other Modules

  • Client/Prospect Management
  • Quotation and Policy Recording
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sundry Accounts Payable
  • Claims Management
  • Claims Accounting
  • Underwriting Agency System
  • Client Budgeting
  • Time Cost System
  • Integrated General Ledger

All of these modules are linked by a Workflow Automation System, which provides activity tracking and connects all modules of the system to provide a structured approach to your business requirements, automate processing functions and ensure the appropriate Evidence of Cover and E&O exposure are catered for.

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