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Modular Design

CBS is designed using Open Systems Standards to deliver a complete management system. Modular in design CBS is a set of building blocks that can be customised for the individual user and which will readily adapt to the incorporation of new technologies as these become available.

See modules section for a list of available modules


A comprehensive security system is available to restrict users to specific functions within the system. User access is defined in a user profile which defines initial access level, determines what modules are available to the user and security level.

Additionally user access can be restricted to selected data held within the database or to particular customers' data only.

Comprehensive Quotation

User defined templates provide complete control over quote preparation and policy processing.

The broker can start the process by preparing a quote or series of quotes and convert that into a policy in a single process.

A unique risk template allows the broker to determine what information will be captured and who that information will be conveyed to - the client, insurers or held for internal purposes only. Business rules for the processing of certain types of policies such as schemes can be mirrored in policy workflow.

Comprehensive Policy Processing

Options within Policy Processing:

  • Customised Documentation
  • User-defined Policy Rules
  • Indexing of Variables
  • Automatic Calculation of Premium
  • Automatic Calculation of Levies
  • Automatic Calculation of GST
  • Preparation of Insurance Manuals
  • Optional Standard Cover Letters
  • Policy Schedules
  • Certificate of Insurance Production

Comprehensive Claims Management

The system is supported by a fully integrated Claims Management Module. Linking to the Policy System the Claims module records claims details against a specific policy, including date of loss, loss estimate, insurer proportions, deductibles, recovery details, claim status and tracks activity relating to the processing of that claim through a Claims Note facility.

As with client and policy information claims data for future follow-up can be entered into the Diary System with appropriate comments.

An important element in claims management is the ability to record at category codes and claim status allowing a detailed analysis of claims by client or by class of risk and the preparation of loss ratio reports.

An optional Claims Accounting module is available for brokers required to settle claims on behalf of insurers.

Comprehensive Accounting

CBS is supported by a comprehensive multi-company, multi-currency financial management system. The financial position is updated in real time in each of the system sub ledgers allowing timely analysis of the company position.

Flexibility is the key for processing settlements to insurers and sub agents via a spreadsheet like settlement worksheet. Whilst the banking process is designed to ensure that it is easy to record, bank and allocate payments.

Budgeting and forecasting options within the system offer support for company, departmental and individual budgets recording all classes of income with automatic comparisons to results.

The optional General Ledger is designed to handle all aspects of financial management and reporting. It is a true multi-company, multi-currency General Ledger providing automatic generation of Insurer settlement cheques, client refunds and production of statutory reports.

Efficient Workflow

CBS modules are linked by a Workflow Automation System, which provides activity tracking and connects all modules of the system to provide a structured approach to your business requirements, automate processing functions and ensure the appropriate Evidence of Cover and E&O exposure are catered for.

Automated Renewals / Lapse Functionality

CBS has the ability to Automate the Renewal process for specific Risks or Business segments. Renewals can be based on prior Annual Premiums, Indexation of Sums Insured, internal Rating data or external Rating Engines (such as Ebix's own eRate module). The Renewal documentation can be automated and optionally emailed directly to the end customer.

CBS also supports the ability to generate automated follow-up notices due to non-payment of premiums. The Auto Lapse facility offers three stages of Follow-up notification including the option to automatically reverse the outstanding transaction and physically lapse the policy. Like the Renewal facility the follow-up documentation can be emailed directly to the end customer.

Task Management

Individual modules within the system interact with an online diary to support broking functions by alerting brokers to quote follow-ups, prospecting activities, policy renewals, evidence of cover, claims follow-ups, and a range of other action items.

Access to Information

Client and Policy information is stored in an expandable format allowing the user to decide exactly what information is to be stored by client and by policy.

In addition to conventional client header information such as name, address, contact details, type of business, etc, CBS provides for important client information such as industry classification, company office profiles, full insured name, business description, group relationships, client history, credit rating, as well as optional extended comments.

A wide range of inquiry options are available to allow the user to focus in on both client and policy detail. While comprehensive reporting options allow full analysis of the broking portfolio, brokers' performance, client earnings ratios, risk type/insurer statistics and other key data.

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