Australia’s leading eCommerce digital-insurance solution, streamlining communications & transactions between suppliers & intermediaries

Sunrise Exchange® Benefits

Enterprise-level data security & integrity

Real-time systems integration & reduce human error

Digital insurance delivered with efficiency & control

  • Reduce administrative processes by streamlining all transactions between suppliers & intermediaries
  • Automatic management of renewals gives significantly faster turnaround times on policies, with an option for referrals & notifications.
  • Industry standard messaging formats, increasing the ability to capture all required risk data
  • Free comparative statistical data reporting across the range of participating suppliers showing how your product compares in the market
  • Rest easy with enterprise-level cyber security & threat monitoring
  • Private data is kept onshore under Australian jurisdiction
  • All data is encrypted for the secure exchange of information
  • Market leading robust infrastructure in secure data warehouses, with regular vulnerability checks, risk management plans & full disaster recovery
  • Ebix Sunrise Exchange® enables suppliers & intermediaries to transact in real-time, with seamless integration with your Policy Management System
  • Australia’s largest digital insurance network with access to over 775 connected intermediaries
  • Marketing even the most complex insurance product whilst maintaining 100% control using any question sets & rating calculations
  • Sunrise Exchange® is customisable, brand configurable, responsive & trusted by Australia’s leading insurers